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* denotes Buglin' Bull Specialty

Our Menu


10.99Buffalo Stuffed Mushrooms

Spicy buffalo sausage, Parmesan cream cheese stuffed in fresh mushrooms baked to a golden brown for a taste like no other!

11.99Thai Shrimp

Lightly dusted and fried shrimp tossed in Thai sauce. Served with crispy noodles and Asian slaw

10.99 Wings

Eight meaty Chicken Wings or Boneless Wings smothered in your choice of hot, mild, Asian or BBQ sauce and served with celery and Bleu cheese dressing

8.99Beer Battered Onion Rings

Crispy onion rings served with chipotle ranch

Steak Tips

Tender pieces of steak marinated in our special sauce and seasonings. Served with our Garlic Parmesan French Fries
1/2 Order - 10.99 | Full Order - 18.99

10.99Nacho Grande

Crispy tortilla chips, refried beans, house queso,, seasoned beef, diced tomatoes, black olives, jalapeños, diced red onions, shredded lettuce and mixed cheese. Served with salsa and sour cream
Add Guacamole - $1.59

12.99Pheasant Flatbread

Pesto cream, kalamata olive, peppercini pepper, mozzarella cheese, tomato, pheasant confit.

11.99Caprese Flatbread

Fresh mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil, topped with olive oil, salt, pepper & balsamic reduction.

Salads & Soups

Served with a dinner roll
Add protein to any salad - Chicken 3 | Salmon 5 | Shrimp 6 l Pheasant 6

10.99Taco Salad

Crispy tortilla bowl, refried beans, seasoned beef, tomato, black olive, jalapenos, red onion, cheddar & jack cheese.  Served with salsa & sour cream.  Add guacamole $1.59

8.99Caesar Salad

Fresh romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese,  croutons, tossed with classic Caesar dressing

Soup of the Day

All of our soups are freshly prepared by Rose every day! Ask your server for today's Soup du Jour!
Cup 2.99 | Bowl 4.99

9.99Sweet Asian Salad

Mixed greens, almonds, craisins, apple, toppedw ith Asian noodles, served with sesame oriental dressing

9.99Greek Salad

Mixed greens, kalamata olive, tomato, pepperoncini pepper, red onion and feta cheese, tossed with Greek vinaigrette

9.99Strawberry Spinach Salad

Fresh spinach, mandarin oranges, grapes, red onion, candied almond, tossed in orange-honey vinaigrette

Buglin' Bull Burgers

All our burgers are 6oz. and charbroiled to medium-well.

Served with choice of Garlic Parmesan fries | Regular Fries | Kettle Chips l
Substitute Sweet Potato Fries or Onion Rings 1.49 | Cup of Soup or Side Salad 1.99

10.99The Bull Burger

Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle.

With cheese  +$1

With cheese and bacon +$2

12.99Bleu Bacon Burger

We top our Angus  burger with bleu cheese, bacon and mushrooms with lettuce, sliced tomato, onion, pickle on a grilled pub bun

12.99Buffalo or Elk Burger

South Dakota Buffalo (Tatanka) or Elk (Wapiti) lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles on a grilled pub bun.  Served medium.

12.99The Wrangler

This juicy burger served on a grilled pub bun topped with Cheddar and Swiss cheeses, bacon, stacked onion, and BBQ sauce

13.99Memphis Burger

Our Angus burger is topped with smoked bbq pork, pepper jack cheese, creamy coleslaw and stacked onions.

12.99Loco Burger

We season our Angus burger like we're makin' tacos!  Top it with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, shredded lettuce, diced tomato, red onion and Doritos.  Served on a pub bun smeared with refried beans.

12.99Bangkok Burger

We top our Angus burger with Homer's Famous Thai Peanut Sauce, Asian slaw, cucumber and cilantro


Served with choice of Garlic Parmesan fries | Regular Fries | Kettle Chips l
Substitute Sweet Potato Fries or Onion Rings 1.49 | Cup of Soup or Side Salad 1.99

10.99Fish Sammy

Beer battered cod, malt vinegar aioli, lettuce and tomato served on grilled pub bun

9.99Pulled Pork

Smoked bbq pork piled on a toasted bun with creamy coleslaw and stacked onions


Shaved corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and 100 island dressing served on grilled marble rye.

9.99Cranberry Swiss Turkey

Roasted turkey, Swiss cheese served on a walnut craisin wheat bread with berry sauce, tomato and fresh arugula

9.99Stuffed Portabella Mushroom

Grilled portabella stuffed with mozzarella, red onion and baked, then topped with fresh tomato and arugula, finished with garlic aioli on a grilled pub bun.

12.99Prime Rib Dip

We thinly slice our signature prime rib and pile it up on a grilled French roll with Swiss cheese and au jus.

Add mushrooms and onions $1.00

11.99California Chicken BLT

Grilled chicken breast, bacon, pepper jack cheese, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, garlic aioli, on a grilled pub bun

Buglin' Bull Pizza

Build Your Own $12.99

Our homemade pizzas have a choice of Marinara or Alfredo sauce topped with our special blend of cheese and one topping.


Gluten Fee Crust -+$4

Chicken | Bacon | Pepperoni | Canadian Bacon | Ground Beef | Italian Sausage | Tomato| Mushroom l Onion | Bell Pepper | Black Olives | Jalapeños | Pineapple | Spinach l Kalamata Olive l Pepperoncini


Tomato sauce, Italian sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, ground beef & bacon topped with our own house blend of cheese.


Our version of the veggie pizza - tomato sauce, red onion, mushroom, tomato, bell pepper, spinach, black olive, feta and mozzarella cheese

14.99Margarita Pizza

Tomato sauce, fresh sliced tomato, basil, balsamic reduction, fresh mozzarella & special cheese blend

16.99Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Ranch dressing, crispy breaded chicken tossed in our hot sing sauce and sprinkled with blue cheese, topped with shredded carrots and celery curls

17.99Cowboy Pizza

the Bull  BBQ sauce, tender strips of prime rib, sweet onion and mushrooms topped with our own house blend of cheeses

16.99Taco Pizza

Salsa, chedder and mozzarella cheese, jalapenos, red onion, tomato, black olive, lettuce, ground beef, crunchy Doritos, drizzled with chipolte sour cream

Lunch Signature Dishes

Served with a dinner roll.

ADD and dinner salad or cup of soup $2.99

12.99Chicken Marsala

Lighly flour dusted and pan-fried chicken, creamy Marsala mushroom sauce, redskin mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetable,

16.99Elk Stew

Elk tenderloin stew with carrots, spring peas, baby red potatoes and pearl onions, served in whole grain honey bread bowl

Dinner Signature Dishes

Served with dinner roll.

Add salad or cup of soup $2.99

22.99Boar Osso Buco

Slow roasted boar shank, lightly seasoned, tender and juicy, with a rich Marsala mushroom sauce, redskin masked potatoes and seasonal vegetable

13.99Rancher's Pie

Tender chunks of steak tips, roasted onions, carrots and potato in a rich brown gravy topped with a light pastry

12.99Thai Extraordinaire

House made peanut sauce with broccoli, carrot,  yellow onion, bell pepper, black and white sesame seeds and cilantro tossed  with Udon noodles
Add Chicken 3 | Shrimp 4

21.99Pineapple Salsa Salmon

7 oz salmon fillet served over wild rice medley, sauteed vegetables, topped with a brown sugar rum glaze and pineapple salsa

13.99Gourmet Mac & Cheese

Cavatappi pasta, bacon, fresh mushroom sautéed in white wine cream, tossed in a blend of Provolone, Mozzarella & Bleu Cheese,  served with a toasted panko topping
Chicken 3 | Shrimp 4

15.99Homer's Broccoli Beef

Thin sliced beef, fresh broccoli and udon noodles tossed in Homer's sweet & savory beef sauce.

20.99Parmesan Crusted Walleye

Parmesan herb crusted walleye, baked ans servedwith wild rice medley and seasonal vegetable

15.99Chicken Marsala

Lighly flour dusted and pan-fried chicken, creamy Marsala mushroom sauce, redskin mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetable,

26.99Buffalo Short Ribs

Slow braised buffalo short ribs served over redskined mashed potatoes with seasonal vegetable and bourbon demi-glace.

16.99Elk Stew

Elk tenderloin stew with carrots, spring peas, baby red potatoes and pearl onions, served in whole grain honey bread bowl

Dinner Steaks

Served with choice of side, season vegetable and dinner roll.

Prime Rib

 USDA Choice prime rib aged for 21 days, dry rubbed, slow roasted and servedto your liking. 
10 oz. 24.99 | 12 oz. 26.99 | 16 oz. 30.99

24.99Beef Tenderloin

A tender six-ounce filet, bacon wrapped, complimented with a blue cheese bacon compound butter, and balsamic reduction

24.99USDA Choice Ribeye

USDA Choice 10-ounce Ribeye grilled to perfection

28.99Tatanka Tenderloin

Six-ounce South Dakota Buffalo Tenderloin topped with Cassis wild berry wojapi and stacked onions.

Decadent Desserts

Ask Your Server to see our Dessert Tray!


We offer several choices everyday

5.99Créme Brulée

Rose's homemade creamy custard is the best!

9.99Cast Iron Cookie

Served hot with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup
Serves 2 to 4 people

Drink Menu

The best craft cocktails made right here!

Buglin' Bull Beers On Tap

Enjoy the distinct flavors of our custom crafted beers brewed especially for the Buglin' Bull by Mt. Rushmore Brewing Company
Pint - 6 | Beer Flight - 8

Take home a Buglin' Bull pint glass - 5.00 | 64 oz. Growlers - 10.00 (Filled - 25.00)


Wapiti Wheat

Our Wapiti Wheat is an American-style Wheat beer. Refreshingly light, this unfiltered classic is a great choice for someone new to craft beer.

Armstrong Ale

Characterized by its boldness and rich-reddish color, just like its namesake, General George Armstrong Custer, this American Amber ale has a bold sweetness, but finishes clean

1874 Black Hills Gold

This IPA has wide appeal to many craft beer fans. It's light malt body with citrus, but yet mild foral hop profile has a bright composition that provided a golden elegant appearance.

Elk Poop Nitro Stout

Enjoy the creamy texture of our oatmeal stout with its great malt complexity with unsurpassed smoothness with hints of caramel, chocolate & coffee

Feature Cocktails

8.00Custer Burro

Titos, fresh lime, ginger beer

10.00Jefferson's Old Fashion

Jefferson Single Batch, simple syrup, orange bitters, orange peel

8.00Cucumber Mint Collins

Cucumber vodka, muddled cucumber and mint, sweet and sour, soda

8.00Needles Highball

Jameson, Honey simple syrup, ginger ale, fresh lemon

6.00Bull Margaritas

On the Rocks.

Glassic or Strawberry

10.00Black Hills Gold Margarita

Grand Reposado Tequilla, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Sweet and Sour. Rocked

8.00Black Elk Berry Smash

Honey simple syrup, blackberry, mint, bourbon, soda

8.00Gold Mine Mojito

Gold rum, lemon juice, mint, simple syrup, ginger ale


7.00Bee(r)s Knees

Gin, lemon juice, honey simple syrup, Wapiti Wheat

7.00Hops & Honey

Jameson, Cointreau, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, 1847 IPA

7.00Hops Collins

Fine, Lemon Juice, simple syrup, 1847 IPA

7.00Amber Old Fashion

Bourbon, sugar, bitters, Armstrong Amber

5.00SD Martini

Bud Light, tomato juice, olives


Bud Light, orange juice

To our guests with food sensitivities or allergies: The Buglin' Bull cannot ensure that menu items do not contain ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Our entire menu is also available to go. Take one of our To Go Menus and next time you can call ahead and it'll be ready to go in no time.


Call ahead and we'll make everything to go! 605-673-4477